Updated Tardy Procedures and Consequences

It is very important that students get to school on time so that they are in class at 8:45 a.m. Being on time to every class is great for a child's education and is a major life-ready skill.

That is why Wester is excited to launch a new automated system, Student Conductor, that will check tardy students in and get them to class quicker. A kiosk will be set up in central locations to expedite the process for late students.

Student Conductor is a tool to help ensure the protocol is consistently enforced and tracked while keeping parents informed about any recorded student tardies. Parents will be automatically notified via email when their student is tardy beginning January 5.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may cause a student to be tardy but we want to prepare our students to be successful. Punctuality is extremely important so that students do not miss valuable content in class. Teachers will continue to write passes for students who are running late for reasons beyond their control.

Please note that we are making some slight adjustments to the tardy consequence ladder for the 2nd Semester. Due to students not utilizing lockers during passing periods, students have ample time to transition from class to class more quickly. (see Tardy Ladder below)


A student is considered tardy to class if he or she is not in the classroom by the time the tardy bell ceases to sound, unless excused by the teacher of that class, through some prior arrangement between teachers, or by a campus administrator.

The following tardy policy will be enforced and will be cumulative for each semester:

· 4th-6th tardy Lunch DHall (added lunch dhall in place of after school DHall)

· 7th-8th tardy Lunch DHall and 30 Min PM DHall

· 9th-10th 1 Hour PM DHall

· 11th-12th 2 Hour PM DHall

· 13th and up 2 Hour & Lunch Dhall (removed In School Suspension as consequence for tardies)


“No show” to assigned D Hall will result in additional disciplinary consequences.

Missed 30 min = 1 hour; Missed 1 hour = 2 hour; Missed 2 hour = 1 day AC (ISS)