Each Friday every Wester student meets in an advisory club.  These clubs are selected at the beginning of the year and changed at the semester.  The clubs being offered for student selection will be advertised during advisory before students select their first, second, and third choices.  

Student Council

Student Council's goal is to develop good citizenship in the student body, to provide purposeful direction of student activities, to provide a forum for student expression, and to assist in the management of student concerns.

Mrs. Stroud is the advisor for Wester's Student Council.

National Junior Honor Society

Mrs. Nguyen is the advisor for Wester's National Junior Honor Society.  Students are invited to participate based on their grade point average.  An induction is held in the Spring.  


Mr. Dietrich and Mrs. Miller are the advisors for Robotics club.  This club meets after school and participates in local competitions. Students design, build, and program robots using Lego Mindstorms to competition specifications.

Debate Club

Mr. Knight is the advisor for Wester/STEM Debate Club.  

Friday Clubs

Bilingual Club - Students who are bilingual can come together and speak their language that is other than English.

Crafting Club - Create new and exciting crafts.

Boys2Men - Male mentoring that provides young male students with guidance from positive male role models, service opportunities, fellowship and camaraderie.

Cards and other Games - Students gather to play cards and other games.

Chess Club - Play chess with like-minded individuals.

Color Escape - Color zen-type pictures for stress relief and fun.

Coloring Club -Take a time out from numbers and letters. From intricate designs to simple pictures, relax, listen to music, and enjoy coloring!

Computer Game Coding - Students use computers and iPads to create computer games using various coding programs.

Current Events - Explore all the events that have happened during the week.

Dungeons & Dragons - play dungeons and dragons.

ESPN - Review highlights and game analysis from professional and college level sports.

Fantasy Sports - create your own football, basketball, and baseball team and compete against your friends. 

Golf - learn more about the rules and practice your skills.

Guitars - learn guitar and/or improve your playing.

Hunting and Fishing - Watch, podcasts, tutorials, lessons, and personal stories about all things hunting and fishing. 

Jigsaw Puzzles - Put together jigsaw puzzles

Karaoke - Sing, Listen, and Socialize

Let's Talk Culture - Identify and plan how to influence the culture of Wester Middle School

Math Pentathlon - Learn and play 5 fun math games with a chance to compete for Wester in the district math pentathlon

Me Time - Take short outdoor walks, read a book, talk with a friend, and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Mini Band - acquire the ability to understand, create and express yourself through music.

Movies Review - Students will watch clips of movies, review them, and decide for what audience the movie is best.

Muscle Cars - We will look at all things horsepower. We will have a real engine out of a Mustang that we will disassemble in class and look at the internals.

Musical Theater - We will explore different musicals. We will sing and create our own choreography and perform at the variety show and multicultural fair. 

Number Sense- practice doing math in your head

Painting - paint pictures

Reading - Here is a quiet place to read your favorite book.

Robotics - Brainstorm, design, build and program robots to compete.

Step - learn how to step and perform at pep rallies and competitions.

STUCO (by invitation only) - Lead the school in pride and patriotism, community service, energy and the environment, and drug, alcohol, safety and health. 

Superhero - discuss backstory, movies, comics and video games involving superheroes.

Wordscapes - play wordscapes

Yearbook (with sponsor approval) - take pictures and design layouts to create the school's yearbook.